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The three most important concepts for running a successful law practice are billable hours, billable hours, and billable hours.

We help our clients in Central New Jersey to spend more time working on client cases. They outsource their legal technology solutions to our experienced consultants. We help them win audits by choosing, implementing, and maintaining a host of productivity applications.

Pass Your Legal Technology Audit

With billing rates at hundreds of dollars per hour, your clients want to know that your practice is maximizing efficiencies. Legal technology competency audits help clients measure outside counsel effectiveness, and allocate business accordingly.

Will your firm pass the audit?

Maintain your market share and hard won billing rates. Outsource your legal technology solutions to our team of expert consultants. Keep your law practice running at peak efficiency.

Legal Technology Applications

Your office may need to support a variety of legal technology applications to serve clients better, and bill more hours. You do not want hardware failures, or system downtime distracting your staff from serving clients.

Our team of experienced consultants can support a variety of legal technology applications.

  • Document Management – reduce the time needed to file and retrieve documents.
  • E-Discovery – automates forensics and collection, processing, early case assessment, hosted review, predictive coding, and analytics.
  • Practice Management – get organized with contacts, calendars, time tracking, and billing.
  • Remote Connectivity – access your legal data from mobile devices in the courtroom or client offices.

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