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Cloud Computing Advantages for Small Business

Cloud computing can provide enormous advantages for small businesses. You need an experienced provider to sort through the pros and cons, and develop a migration plan that fits your needs and budget.

Consider some of the primary advantages of migrating to cloud computing:

  1. Economies of scale – Increase while reducing spending on technology infrastructure.
  2. Network security – Access data anytime or anywhere even in the event of hardware theft.
  3. Disaster recovery – Leave complex planning to experts, and resolve issue more quickly.

Cloud Computing Disadvantages

Cloud computing is not an ideal fit for every company, of every size, or industry. It may make sense to migrate certain key processes to the cloud, while maintaining others with traditional in-house systems.

Our team of experts can help you visualize the limitations, and make the optimal choices.

Consider some of the primary disadvantages of migrating to cloud computing:

  1. Legal issues – Compliance may be more difficult when sensitive data is stored and managed remotely.
  2. Latency – Systems performance may only be as good as your internet connection.
  3. Control – A third party owns the response to critical business functions.

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