Messaging and Collaboration Services

Messaging and Collaboration

Messaging Services

The recent proliferation of mobile messaging devices can greatly improve productivity for small businesses, or bring them to their knees.

Information security is the Achilles heel of mobile messaging devices.

Our team of experts can unlock the potential of these digital wonders with a unified solution that protects vital information, while improving enterprise responsiveness to customers.

Allow our experts to configure your email messaging and archiving properly, and help you decide if hosted email is right for your business.

Collaboration Services

Likewise, remote online document and file sharing services make collaboration easier, and riskier than ever before.

It is too easy for well-meaning employees to disperse protected documents, files, and videos to the cloud and other forms of remote storage. How can your business remain in legal compliance with such freedoms?

Mobile computing devices enhance teamwork, but also introduce a new set of security risks.

Join our many small business clients in Central New Jersey who have centralized access to information in a secure, controlled environment.

Free Network Security Audit!

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