We have used Trinity Worldwide Technologies for many years now at the Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce and have never been disappointed. From their response time to phone calls, friendly service, expertise in solving technical problems quickly and thoroughly, knowledge of security, antivirus software and administering our network are top notch! 

Evelyn Clancy Mars, Executive Director, Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce


Trinity Worldwide has been our go to IT company for several years. Their staff is well trained, attentive and most of all have kept our systems up and running and virus free. An ounce of prevention is worth thousands of pounds (if you are British or thousands of dollars) of cure. Don’t wait…call them now.

Richard Tokarski, Architect, AIA, LEED, AP, Tokarski & Millemann Architects, LLC


We’ve been with Trinity WW for about 6 years now and they are excellent.! I find them very easy to work with, friendly and more important knowledgeable. They are on top of the latest threats and protections available leaving our business feeling safe and secure. They keep me informed and aware of issues that we need to address and readily assist us when we have issues that we need help with. I recommend them without reservation and with the highest possible praise. They really are terrific.

– Julie Weck, Allure Plastic Surgery Center, Red Bank NJ


Thanks for your team of extremely skilled technical geniuses that kept me from several nervous breakdowns.  Just kidding, but your help was always timely and extremely appreciated.

My previous IT support provider cost too much and did not provide the service that I needed. Trinity was a part of my networking group and I decided to give them a try.

Trinity’s service has been excellent. The technicians are pleasant to work with, efficient, and help me solve my problems remotely so that I do not have to wait to be helped. They are knowledgeable and do not waste my time.

I had a situation where my daughter’s computer was crashing and I needed to be able to help her from a distance. As an accommodation to me, Trinity was able to direct me so that we could do remote work on her computer. One of the technicians also walked me through the creation of my website.

I find their response time quick, their technicians accommodating, and their services to be reasonably priced.

– Claire Gabert, Gabert Designs, Inc.


I met John several years ago at a networking event. I was favorably impressed by his professionalism, IT knowledge and warm personality. When the time came that I needed assistance with my company’s computer needs, as well as a dependable IT resource for our clients, it made sense to reach out to John and the Trinity team. 

When I have a problem, Trinity solves it quickly. When they do things, they do them once and we don’t look back.

Trinity addresses an important part of the business owner’s life that can be extremely frustrating and makes it as painless as possible. When I have a problem, I call Trinity and the problem is solved. I don’t have to think about it again. That’s really invaluable to me. I frequently call Josh in tech support and tell him that I’m ready to jump out of the window because of another computer challenge. He tells me to step away from the window, graciously solves my problem and life is good again!

– Lisa L. Corcoran, Founder, Alternative Financial Services, LLC


Our business was growing and I needed someone to help me organize our computer system to enable me to maintain a better database of our clients and prospects. I hired Trinity and they addressed this issue successfully by putting together a contact management system.  Trinity has also done a great job addressing specific challenges that have come up. When we opened a new branch, I wanted to be able to access my database without having to commute. John helped me set up a remote log-in system where I could access that office’s database without having to be there. Overall, Trinity has found ways for me to minimize cost, work more efficiently, and have more flexibility with my work.

I appreciate the Trinity staff. I know they share my perspective as a Christian and I can trust them to be honest. If I need to get something done, they do it at a fair price. I never have to worry that they are just running up the bill. I appreciate that I can work with people who know where I’m coming from and can help me solve my particular problem at a minimum cost.

For guys like me who have a small business and a desire to grow despite a limited budget, Trinity is the company to hire!

– Don Cash, Partner, ElderCare Associates, Inc.


Trinity has put us on a regular maintenance schedule to minimize the odds of a surprise disaster. It is a comfort for me to know that potential problems can be avoided due to the fact that Trinity’s technicians are regularly keeping an eye on our system. If any issues do come up, they are quick to fix the problem. We had a situation where something was not being backed up properly and Trinity promptly got things squared away without charging us. I also appreciate that I can count on Trinity to provide trustworthy feedback when we’re making changes and considering upgrades.

We have used Trinity for several years. I recommend Trinity because the staff is great to work with and deliver on what they say they will do for you.

– Chuck DrawbaughCollege Funding Associates


Our company was growing and we were in need of someone we could rely on to handle the technical aspects of our computer database, in order that we could focus on our priorities, i.e., manufacturing a quality product and providing timely, personal service to our customers. We hired Trinity to provide IT support and to help us update our software and expand our capacity.

Trinity has become an extension of Richmond. Even though we are certainly not their only clients, Trinity has taken the time to get to know who we are and how we operate, to the point where I feel like I’m talking to another department of our company when I call. From the top down, the folks at Trinity work hard to make sure that their quality, service, and quick response-time go above and beyond client expectations, even if it means being available outside work hours. There’s never a sense of being rushed and the technicians take the time to explain the root of the issue so we can prevent similar problems from reoccurring in the future. 

I have gotten to know the technicians and appreciate that Trinity operates much like Richmond does—like a family, not just a business. Each member of the Trinity team is personable, skilled in communication, and knowledgeable.  Trinity represents the best there is to offer.

– Mark Hanna, Office Manager, Richmond Industries, Inc.


Although I knew John personally before I started my business, we held a formal RFP process and got quotes from several firms before deciding on an IT provider. We went with Trinity because although they work with larger clients, they were willing to work with our smaller non-profit to find an affordable solution.

We started off with very little technology (with computers still dialing up for internet) and now have a full computer network. It was a big change for us but Trinity understood our needs and was able to make this transition go smoothly.

Our work is often time-critical and we have people working from various remote locations, so when our Internet is down, our business shuts down. Due to our remote location, we have frequent power outages that can wreak havoc with technology. When this happens, we can count on Trinity to be responsive.  When we have a problem, they are there. I appreciate that Trinity is able to do much of the support remotely, so we often don’t have to wait for someone to come to our offices to troubleshoot a problem.

I appreciate the values that Trinity espouses. They are very ethical. They tell you the truth. If there is a problem, I can count on them to explain it honestly. There are never any hidden costs and since they help us order equipment directly, we know that they are not making any hidden profits. Their responsiveness is very important.

We recommend Trinity. In fact, we have recommended Trinity to another business in our building, and they are now also Trinity’s clients.

– Eileen Kennedy, Deputy Director, American Littoral Society


I had known John from a networking group and saw that he was a person of integrity. I was unhappy with my previous IT service provider, so when I encountered an IT challenge, I decided to give Trinity a call.

There are a lot of IT companies out there and from my experience, Trinity stands out. I appreciate that Trinity cares about how my business functions and does whatever is necessary in order to get problems corrected promptly without wasting any time. It is also a big advantage that the majority of the time, the technicians are able to fix my problem remotely. They make it simple for me to step back when something comes up, knowing they will take care of the issue in a straightforward manner. I like that Trinity has the feel of a family business; everyone is friendly and pleasant to work with.

– Don NorkusActionCOACH


I appreciate Trinity because I can always reach someone very quickly. This is important, especially now, since we are transitioning to a paperless office. The majority of our office staff is not computer savvy, and when we do have simple, small emergencies (which happens on a frequent basis), I know I can count on being able to quickly contact someone who can usually fix the issue for me remotely. Also, in the past, our IT service providers did not standardize our system. It was not user-friendly. Trinity helped us get back on track.

The management and service technicians are great people to work with. They are dependable, friendly, polite, and try to get the job done without disrupting our business, which is not easy in a dental office.

I appreciate that when I need new hardware, John will look until he finds the right piece of hardware at the best price. When I get a hardware recommendation from Trinity, I know that it’s not because they are going to profit from the purchase, but because it is best choice for us. Most of the time when someone is helping you it’s because they are making a profit on the purchase, but this is not the case with Trinity. I always appreciate that I can go to Trinity anytime and get straightforward, honest answers or suggestions. We have confidently recommended Trinity to other businesses.

As a Christian, I also like working with a Christian company. It’s clear that it’s not just a business to the Trinity team, but they really do care about their clients.

– Linda Barnes, Owner, Dental Associates of Basking Ridge


Trinity originally installed a small business server a few years back. It worked very well but our company grew dramatically, expanding the last two years from 5 employees to close to 200. We needed to expand our computer operations to accommodate the new employees. Trinity intimately understood our environment and was able to assist us to move into a VM infrastructure with Microsoft Enterprise level servers. Besides the fact that Trinity met and exceeded our project goals, we appreciated their conscientiousness and their effort to plan the migration in such a way that we had practically zero downtime in our business.

You never want to expose your computer information systems to people you cannot completely trust. It is clear to me that the folks at Trinity are people of integrity that can be trusted. The technicians and managers at Trinity go above and beyond the call of duty to keep everything confidential and secure. This is extremely important in our highly competitive line of work. It is imperative that we do not have to worry about the security of our information. Also, our staff find it easy to work with Trinity because the technicians are friendly and approachable.

For their conscientiousness, approachability, and integrity, I highly recommend Trinity Worldwide Technologies.

– Tony Paskitti


We had problems with our computer system and needed to upgrade our server and network. We were aware of Trinity’s reputation as a Christ-centered company staffed with people of integrity and decided that they would be a good match for us.

Trinity’s maintenance of our computer environment, simply put, helps us to do business. In these economic times, we can’t afford to have our computers down at all. Whenever there is a problem, the technicians get here quickly and always get the job done.

We recommend Trinity because they are reliable, affordable, and responsive. They are great at problem-solving and recommending the best solution for us in the most cost-effective way.

– Alex IvashenkoJersey Central Physical Therapy


I joined this organization in June 2009 and identified there were several technology issues that needed to be addressed immediately. My company had no updated documentation for the current infrastructure. Trinity was hired to evaluate the systems and come up with an action plan of steps needed to overhaul my systems.

Trinity took an in-depth look at the existing technology and completely documented my infrastructure. Trinity made recommendations on what needed to be addressed, by criticality, which then translated into a great action plan that was used to receive the budgetary approval needed to overhaul my systems.

As part of this plan, Trinity reconfigured and secured my wireless network as well as set up VPN/remote access for the staff and strengthened overall security.

Although Trinity was initially hired for this specific project, we continued to use Trinity because they have become a trusted and valuable IT partner. The folks at Trinity know what they are doing and have the expertise to get the job done in a timely manner and correctly the first time.

More importantly, I never get the sense that I’m being pushed into projects that I’m not ready to embrace. With Trinity, I get great value for every penny I spend.  I would absolutely recommend their services to others.

– Mark Steele, Vice President, Financial Executives International