Microsoft Teams has emerged as a vital tool for collaboration and communication in today’s hybrid work environment. While most users are familiar with the basic functionalities of Teams, some lesser-known features can significantly enhance the engagement and productivity of your meetings.

In this blog post, we will explore ten hidden features in Microsoft Teams that can transform your meetings from ordinary to extraordinary. By leveraging these features, you can foster collaboration, encourage participation, and create a more dynamic meeting experience for your team.

Live Reactions

Engagement is crucial in any meeting, whether it’s virtual or in-person. Microsoft Teams’ live reactions feature allows participants to express their thoughts and emotions in real-time through a range of emojis. From claps of approval to thumbs-up gestures, live reactions provide a quick and interactive way for attendees to give feedback and show their engagement. It adds a layer of fun and interactivity to meetings, making them more engaging and lively.

Meeting Notes

Keeping track of important discussion points, action items, and decisions during a meeting is essential for effective collaboration. Microsoft Teams offers built-in meeting notes feature that enables participants to capture and collaborate on meeting notes directly within the Teams interface. This ensures that everyone has access to a comprehensive summary of the meeting, reducing the chances of miscommunication and fostering accountability. Meeting notes can be shared with all participants, allowing everyone to stay on the same page and refer back to critical takeaways easily. 


Visualizing ideas and concepts can significantly enhance understanding and creativity during meetings. Microsoft Teams’ virtual whiteboard feature provides a digital canvas where participants can collaboratively brainstorm, draw diagrams, and illustrate ideas. Whether mapping out a project plan, sketching a concept, or solving problems together, the whiteboard tool allows for real-time collaboration, fostering creativity and engagement. It’s an excellent way to visualize and share ideas, making discussions more dynamic and interactive. 

Background Blur

Eliminating distractions during video meetings is crucial for maintaining focus and professionalism. Microsoft Teams’ background blur feature automatically blurs the background, keeping the attention on the presenter or speaker. Whether you’re working from a busy home environment or a shared workspace, background blur ensures that meeting participants can concentrate on the content without visual distractions. It helps create a polished and distraction-free meeting environment, enhancing engagement and the overall meeting experience.

Breakout Rooms

In larger meetings, it can be challenging to facilitate focused discussions or activities with everyone present. Microsoft Teams’ breakout rooms feature allows meeting organizers to divide participants into smaller groups for more intimate and targeted conversations.

Breakout rooms provide a dedicated space for meaningful interactions, whether you need to conduct brainstorming sessions, group projects, or team-building activities. Participants can collaborate more effectively, exchange ideas, and build stronger connections in these smaller settings. Breakout rooms promote active participation and engagement, allowing for more in-depth discussions among team members.

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