Cybersecurity Assessment

A Cybersecurity Assessment is the best way to check how well your systems are positioned to protect you against unauthorized access and cyberthreats. 

“You learn from every mistake in business that your survive”

60% of SMB’s will go out of business within 6 months of a cyber incident.

Approximately1 Million Cyber-attacks are attempted each day

In 1Q 2019 the average downtime due to ransomware was 7.3 days

Network Assessment

Our state-of-the-art security assessment will strategically place your business in the best position to mitigate compliance and security risks.  The assessment is used to prioritize the remediation of any issues found and be used to measure how well positioned you are to prevent cyberattacks.

Network Assessment provides detailed reporting

✓ A complete picture of the Network Environment

Active Computers by Operating System with detailed information

Operating System Support

Security Scan reporting: Patching updates

Prioritized Risk and Issue Score for remediation

Cybersecurity Assessment detects:

External & Outbound Security

Policy Compliance Security

Produces a Risk & Issue score for remediation